HP is a company that has brought many incredible things to the technological market, from printers to computers themselves, HP is a prevalent name everybody has come to know (as well as come to love!). These brand new servers are by-far the most intelligent servers available on the market right now, as they come with all the goodies a server-geek would find themselves drooling over.

The servers themselves are in the market under the name “ProLiant”, which rolls off the tongue very nicely if I do say so myself. You may find yourself pondering the question, “What exactly is an intelligent server?”, well that’s what we’re here to help you with. Intelligent servers are servers that completely change the economics (as well as any expectations you may have) of the data centre itself. It allows for automated tasks to be completed, as well as including over 150 innovative ways to deal with your customers.


These servers are equipped with many different technologies to take into account, things like HPC (High Performance Computing) and HP Client Virtualization solutions are just the tip of the iceberg. HP itself will aid you in your client virtualization solutions by giving you the tools necessary, things like storage and networking services will be at its’ peak. There are multiple types of customizable solutions, and they are used with a Citrix XenDesktop, a Citrix VDI-in-a-Bo, Windows 2012 (Microsoft)and Vmware View.

Another thing to consider when talking about the new ProLiant servers is the implementation for the HP CloudSystem Matrix. Although it’s only the entry-level type, it allows for smooth and efficient use of Cloud Servers in most environments (be it a hybrid one or a private one). This system is the one considered as “idea” for any company that find itself providing a certain service.


These servers are a solution to small and medium businesses, not only because it allows for you to deal with your customers in an efficient and timely manner, but simply because it’s made for you. Customization is crucial when it comes to implementing a server into your business like this, which is exactly why HP does a great job of making it easier on the owner themselves. Remember, there’s a lot of technology out there right now, but not all of it is going to be right for you.

If you need advice on deploying a new server or are looking to replace your existing server hardware, you should consult with a local IT Support company for expert advice, tailored to your specific needs.